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South Florida’s 
Unique and Modern

Birth Center

About Us

"At Maternity Options of Miami “MOM”, we are focused on welcoming you and your family to a mother-friendly environment in which we believe every mother has the right to choose her birth experience, so it is distinctive and personalized."

Our Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is for you to have a beautiful, comfortable, and natural pregnancy and birth. Our purpose is to offer women enhanced maternity care. We believe in proving you the choice for your birth, your way. Keep in mind, our philosophy is different here at Maternity Options of Miami. You have choices in all aspects of your pregnancy, labor and delivery, so that your birth experience is exclusively your plan.

You decide who and how many family members or friends you want to invite to share your birth experience. You may choose the privacy of just you and your partner, or you may include other family members and friends, including children.

Meet Our Midwives


Our midwives know pregnancy, labor, and birth. While they view pregnancy and birth as normal functions, not medical problems, they are in fact a licensed “medical” professional in the state of Florida and part of the health care system.

Midwives’ education covers anatomy, physiology, genetics, nutrition, etc. Most importantly, they are trained in, and experts of, normal labor and birth. They are not mini-obstetricians, nor are they maxi-nurses. They are uniquely trained providers of prenatal care throughout pregnancy, care through labor, birth, and the weeks following birth and all that entails, including breastfeeding and newborn health and care. Our Midwives, who are not only licensed in the state of Florida but are also Board Certified, are trained in the birth center and hospital settings.

Choosing to see a Licensed/Certified Professional Midwife for your prenatal care allows you to have access to all of the customary tests and procedures applicable to pregnancy, while having the opportunity to discuss all the options and make an informed choice about what is right for you.

Our staff of highly-trained, educated, and compassionate midwives and staff have years of experience supporting families through the birth experience. They will listen to you and respect your wishes providing individualized care. The will help you feel confident, prepared, supported, and encouraged throughout your prenatal, birth and postpartum days.

Our teams come together across a huge range of prenatal and maternal health disciplines. When you come to “MOM”, you will become part of a family full of experienced providers. We work together to give you holistic health services, considering all of the parts of your life.

You will receive continuous support from your midwife. Over the course of the pregnancy, families have had the opportunity to get to know their midwives during their prenatal visits. Finally, during labor, midwives stay with their client throughout the process.

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