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Midwife Services

The midwives at Maternity Options of Miami are special and unique in their balanced approach to the services they provide. Using both their hospital and out-of-hospital experience, our midwives combine the best of modern medicine with the best of natural alternative approaches to give you truly holistic care.

When supportive measures or treatments become necessary, they will work to find the most effective remedy or medication for you, which, depending on your situation, may include pharmaceutical drugs as well as herbal or homeopathic remedies.

Pregnancy Test

Preconception and Fertility

Planning and preparing to conceive a baby is exciting. Preconception and fertility counseling can make a positive difference in terms of your health, your fertility, and the health of your unborn child. Our midwives help you prepare physically and emotionally to create optimal conditions for a healthy, happy pregnancy. Give your baby the best start in life.


Preconception Consultations with the Midwife Include:

  • Physical assessment (including Pap if necessary)

  • Blood draws for lab work

  • Fertility awareness

  • Discussions about cleansing, conditioning and strengthening your body.

  • Examination of habits, lifestyle choices and environmental factors.

  • Nutritional assessment

  • Individualized suggestions for folic acid supplementation, vitamins, medication changes, and optimizing control of medical conditions, ex. thyroid

  • Review of healthy weight, exercise and fitness

  • Stress relief

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care

Imagine pregnancy and birth as a journey of discovery – A gaining of confidence and knowledge and the trust of your own inner strength with someone who listens and can guide you.

The majority of your visits will take place in the comfort of our consultation room where the midwife will listen to your baby’s heartbeat, check your baby’s growth and position, assess your vital signs, and discuss your health, nutrition, and activities. She will educate you about the body changes and emotions you may be experiencing and make helpful suggestions for dealing with some of the common issues which can arise during pregnancy.


One of the hallmarks of midwifery care is the time spent listening and getting to know you. Your initial prenatal visit is one hour and the other prenatal visits last no more than 30 minutes, allowing you to become familiar and comfortable with each of the midwives and to develop a relationship with them as you prepare for your birth.


You are a full partner in your care, and are provided ample opportunity to ask questions, express your hopes and desires, have your concerns addressed, and to become educated about the process so that you can make informed decisions about your care.


Prenatal testing and genetic screening are offered based on individual need, and routine lab work is done at the birth center. If a test or procedure is recommended, our midwives will explain what is being suggested and why it is suggested, and any options which may be available to you.


We have a consulting OB/GYN should the need arise for additional consult during pregnancy or birth.

Labor and Birth Care
Newborn Baby

Labor and Birth Care

Imagine moving freely, listening to your body and finding your positions of comfort in the privacy of your own room, surrounded by those you choose – an intimate space for you and your partner, or where children, family and friends are welcome to join in the joy of your birth.

Once you are in active labor, your midwife will meet you at the birth center and stay with you throughout your labor and birth, encouraging you, making suggestions if needed, and carefully monitoring both you and your baby’s safety.

At “MOM” we utilize evidence-based practices which include encouraging you to eat and drink as desired, and performing intermittent auscultation of your baby’s heartbeat with a hand-held doppler. This allows you to move freely, get on a birth ball, soak in a warm bath, use the birth sling and relax in any position you desire while still providing important information about your baby’s well-being.

Most women find laboring in a tub, showering, massage, position changes and music combined with the support of partners, midwives and doulas to be very helpful. In addition, Nitrous Oxide is available.

When you’re ready to push, your Midwife and Nurse will follow your lead, assisting you to find your most effective position. Sitting on a birth stool, standing, squatting, kneeling, hands and knees, in the water, on the bed, suspended from the birth sling – it’s your choice! One of the many benefits of midwifery care is the concern for your perineum. Our midwives do not routinely cut episiotomies and they are experts at minimizing tearing and protecting your perineum.

After your baby is born, your baby is immediately placed on your chest for valuable skin to skin contact, and you will be assisted with breastfeeding. After you’ve had time to bond with your baby, the initial newborn exam is performed with baby right by your side. You and your baby are never separated. our midwife and nurse will continue monitoring you and your baby as you rest and recover until the two of you are deemed stable. Once you’ve spent some time with your new family, enjoyed a meal, and feel ready, your nurse will help you prepare to go home. 

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide

Using Nitrous Oxide is an additional method of pain control during childbirth, and is offered at our Birth Center. Nitrous Oxide takes effect in seconds and offers a reduction in pain and anxiety during labor and childbirth. It is patient controlled, which means the user is in charge of when a dose is administered, via inhalation. 


It is safe for both mom and baby, and dissipates within 2 seconds once breathed. There are no lasting effects, and you can be up and moving around to actively participate in your labor. Unlike its common use for anesthesia, the dosage used for labor pain control is much smaller, allowing you to be completely alert at all times. The dose allows for the peak of contractions to be more tolerable, while still providing complete control and awareness for the mother.

​Benefits and Advantages:

  • Self-administered

  • Easy-to-use

  • Takes effect quickly

  • Quick recovery/does not stay in system

  • Allows for active participation – can be used at any time in labor right up to the birth

  • Can move around freely

  • Does not interfere with labor process or ability to push

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Imagine your baby entering the world in a calm, beautiful and safe environment, welcomed with warmth and the experienced hands of midwives. Where the sacredness of that moment is honored and respected, encouraging connection and bonding for a lifetime.

Water Birth is available to all clients upon request. We monitor your baby with special waterproof dopplers while you relax in the comfort of the warm water.

Our deep hydrotherapy birth tubs are specifically designed for water immersion, promoting comfort and relaxation during labor and/or birth. Our midwives are experienced in safe water birth practices and have assisted many clients with water deliveries.

Benefits of Water Birth Include:

  • Significant pain relief

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Decreases adrenalin production, allowing better flow of oxytocin and oxygen through the mother. This increases the blood supply to the mother’s uterus and produces more effective contractions

  • Greater blood supply to the uterus sends more blood and oxygen to the placenta and baby

  • Provides buoyancy enabling you to assume positions that are comfortable for labor/birth

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Reduces perineal trauma, eliminating episiotomies

  • Provides a gentle transition for the baby from the womb into the world

Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care

You’ve rested, you’ve showered, your baby has had its first meal (or two!), your Midwife has gone over your postpartum instructions, and you are now ready to continue your rest and recovery in the most comfortable place of all – your home.

The midwives will stay in close contact with you, calling you every day to provide postpartum support, and within 24-72 hours following the birth. You return to the Birth Center so that the Midwife can check on you and your baby, complete a physical exam on the two of you, assist you with breastfeeding and answer any questions you may have.

In addition to your 24-72hr postpartum visit, a 2-week postpartum appointment at the birth center as well as a 6-week postpartum appointment at the birth center will be scheduled for you.

Nursing Newborn


Breastfeeding can provide a wonderful emotional bond between you and your baby, while supplying the perfect nutrition and disease-fighting antibodies contained only in human milk.

Though natural and beneficial, breastfeeding is a learned skill and may require patience and practice. For some women, the learning stages can be frustrating and uncomfortable. The good news is that with proper support and education, it will get easier much faster!

At “MOM”, breastfeeding classes are offered for our clients and to the community, providing information, education, support and encouragement to make the breastfeeding experience successful.

We recognize that babies given skin-to-skin contact with their mothers immediately after birth for at least an hour are more likely to latch on without any help, and are more likely to latch on well, especially with mothers who do not receive medication during the labor or birth.

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